How To Get Pregnant Fast With Twins | 8 Factors That Work

The idea of having twin babies fascinates everyone. They are thrilled with the idea of having two babies at once. There’s this unique feeling that comes with buying doubles and twinning for your children when they eventually grow up. Of course, many couples often wonder how to get pregnant fast with twins.

Some people who wish to have twins don’t eventually get to have and those who don’t even desire it may end up having twins.

Therefore, what’s the secret?

Certain factors influence your chances of giving birth to twin babies. Although these factors do not make up a hard and fast rule, they really have a great influence on the possibility of you having twins.

This article is aimed at helping you understand these factors. You will also get to know how twin pregnancies happen.

How to get pregnant fast with twins

How Twin Pregnancies Happen

It is important for you to understand that there are two kinds of twins;

  • Identical twins
  • Non-identical twins

Of course, each type of twin pregnancy comes with its own unique method of conception.

The identical twins are also known as monozygotic twins. They occur when one sperm fertilizes one egg and the egg then goes on to divide into two embryos. This results in two identical babies who might share the same placenta and the same amniotic sac or share the same placenta and have separate amniotic sacs.

Notwithstanding, these babies come out identical.

On the other hand, non-identical twins are called dizygotic or fraternal twins. They occur when two separate sperms fertilize two separate eggs. Non-identical twin babies have their own placenta and each baby has its own unique genetic composition. Fraternal twins may look very much alike, share some resemblance, or not even look alike at all.

How to get pregnant fast with twins

8 Factors that increase your chances of having twins

1. Family history

Twins run in families. If your family has a history of twins, you also have a high chance of giving birth to twins. You are the major determining factor in this, not your partner. Even if your partner has twins in every corner of his family tree, it does not increase your own chance of having twins one bit.

In addition, twin pregnancies do not skip generations. Therefore, if your mom has twins, you also have high chance of having twins.

2. Ethnicity

Your ethnicity also has a great influence on your chances of having twin babies. Black people are at a higher chance of having twin babies compared to Caucasians. Asians and Hispanic people are even less likely to become pregnant with two or more babies at a time.

3. Age

Studies have shown that women who are over 35 years of age have a higher chance of getting pregnant with non-identical twins. This is possible because, after the age of 35, the ovaries release more than one egg per month more often than usual. Furthermore, after the age of 35, you produce more follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) than when you were younger.

This can cause more than one egg to be released when you’re ovulating and increase your chances of having non-identical twins.

4. Weight

Some research reports have shown that women with a higher body mass index (BMI) have a higher chance of carrying twins. Women with a BMI greater than 30 before conception have a higher possibility of giving birth to non-identical twins.

However, healthcare providers do not recommend gaining weight in order to have twins.

5. Height

Women who are taller than average have more possibility of giving birth to twin babies. Although, this does not have a strong scientific basis some research has found this to be true. This is because very tall people tend to have better nutrition, which partially increases the rate of having twins.

6. Assisted reproduction

Having assisted reproduction such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or fertility drugs can boost your chances of having twin babies. These drugs stimulate the ovaries to release more than one ovarian follicle each month.

This results in more than one egg being released at once leading to multiple pregnancies.

7. Previous history of multiple pregnancies

Women who have given birth to twins in the past have a higher chance of giving birth to twins again. Also, the more times you have been pregnant, the higher your chances of becoming pregnant with twin babies.

How to get pregnant fast with twins

8. Diet

Research has found that women who eat a lot of dairy products are more likely to give birth to twin babies. Another study has shown that women who eat lots of yams and sweet potatoes also have an increased chance of having twins. This assertion is based on the fact that yams contain a natural hormone known as “phytoestrogen,” which may induce or stimulate the release of multiple eggs during ovulation.

In addition, certain studies show that men who eat meals rich in zinc have a high chance of fertilizing more than one egg at a time. These zinc-rich meals include:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Oysters
  • Bread
  • Seeds

Furthermore, these foods help to stimulate sperm production.


There is no sure way on how to get pregnant with twins. In fact, the best option is to take note of the factors discussed above and hope for a healthy pregnancy.

Furthermore, you should always consult your doctor before taking any step regarding your health, especially as it concerns pregnancy and childbirth. Follow their recommendations irrespective of whether you’re having twins or not.

If you eventually get pregnant with twins, good prenatal care is very important as this helps to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality. It also helps to reduce the risk of complications and help you enjoy your beautiful pregnancy journey.