The 10 Best Potty Training Seats of 2021

The potty training journey can be intense for both parents and children. Of course, we understand the physical and emotional changes involved in this journey and how much a successful potty training period means in child development. In all this, one item you’d definitely need is a potty training seat.

What’s A Potty Training Seat?

For babies on the potty training journey, actual toilets may seem quite scary. Thankfully, the right potty training seat would ease this fear and make the learning process fun for everyone involved.

A potty seat is a toilet accessory placed on top of the toilet seat to reduce the size of the opening, with the ultimate aim of making kids more comfortable.

Potty training seats have become more popular because it allows your child feel confident and secure during potty training sessions. This is guaranteed to make the process of teaching and learning really easy for everyone.

If you are currently in the process of potty training your little one, or there’s a baby on the way, you should consider getting the perfect potty training seat to meet all your baby’s needs.

Does My Child Need A Potty Training Seat?


In the early days of potty training, most babies are still unable to balance themselves efficiently on a full-sized toilet seat. Remember that children are simply tiny humans, therefore, there is a chance that he/she may fall into the toilet bowl.

Furthermore, an effective potty training seat would make your child feel comfortable, secure, and in control during potty-use lessons. In addition, a potty seat would encourage your child to potty even in your absence as he/she doesn’t have to deal with the fear of falling in.

Is A Potty Seat Better Than A Potty Chair?

Everything depends on the timeline.

It’s best to start potty training with a potty chair because of the portability and variability. With a potty chair, your child can sit and poo or pee with little or no help. However, as your baby grows, the transition to adult-size toilets becomes inevitable, and that’s where a potty training seat comes in.

How to Select the Best Potty Training Seat?

Like every other decision in pregnancy and parenthood, selecting the best potty training seat can be a deep struggle. The Central Product Classification (CPC) recommends that parents search for the following important features when selecting a potty training seat:

  • Secure Fittings
  • Gender
  • Portability
  • Space

Secure Fittings

It is advisable to get a potty seat that fits right into the main toilet bowl. This is because potty seats that don’t attach firmly to the main bowl may shift around when in use.


If you’re potty training a boy, it is important to get a potty seat or chair with an effective splash guard to prevent spraying during potty sessions. For girls, this tip is not so important, however it can come in as a good add-on to limit the possibility of splashing.


For parents who travel often, this is the all-important factor in selecting essential items that keep your baby comfortable like a travel bed, car seat, and of course, a potty seat or chair. Lightweight potty seats are quite slim and easy to pack up for trips. Always remember that potty seats that come with built-in ladders may not be so easy to travel with or use in public bathrooms.

To make the search easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best potty training seats of 2021. Just to reassure you, every item on this list meets the minimum requirements laid down by the Central Product Classification (CPC)

Our Potty Seat List:

1. Babybjörn Toilet Training Seat

The first item on our list is the Babybjörn Toilet Training Seat, which has a sleek plastic frame designed to make your child very comfortable during potty sessions. In addition, it also comes with a splash guard that ensures ‘one-way traffic’ at all times.Furthermore, it features an adjustable knob that allows it fit-in to the toilet perfectly. The Babybjörn Toilet Training seat also has a ring attached, making it easy to hang in the bathroom whenever it is not in use.

2. SkyRoku Potty Training Seat

In addition to a ladder that makes climbing up the toilet really easy for your child, the Skyroku potty training seat has a removable cushion designed for all round comfort. In fact, when the toilet seat is not in use, you can easily fold it up and place it in a corner of the bathroom.

Furthermore, this product comes with a splash guard that prevents splashing and a foot pad that removes the possibility of a slip-up.

3. Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat

With this potty training seat, your baby gets comfort, safety, and a ladder with an adjustable footrest. As a parent, it would interest you to note that the Mangohood potty training seat comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures you get your money back if any issues come up.

Although some parents have complained about the length of the splash guard, this seat can be placed directly on the toilet bowl for the best fit to avoid any mess from splashes.

Another distinct feature of the Mangohood potty training seat provides an adjustable footrest for growing children. That is, as your baby grows taller, the ladder can be altered to fit perfectly.

4. Munchkin Potty Training Toilet Seat

The next item on our list is a bestseller on Amazon. And that’s no surprise!

The Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat is scientifically designed to help your child sit still whenever he/she goes potty. Furthermore, the seat has a non-slip edge that prevents the seat from sliding off the main toilet seat.

The only obvious drawback with this potty training toilet seat option is that is does not come with a hook for hanging whenever it is not in use. However, a hook can be purchased separately for this.

5. Fisher-Price Perfect Fit Potty Ring

Do you like to feel in-control as a parent? Are you invested in always getting the best-fit for your little one?

You’re at the right stop.

The Fisher-Price Perfect Fit Potty Ring is fully adjustable, irrespective of your child’s height or weight. Just like the Babybjörn Potty Training Seat, it features an adjustable knob that allows it fit in perfectly to the main toilet seat. Another plus for you is that the handle can double as makeshift backrest, therefore, your baby doesn’t need to worry about back aches after potty training sessions.

Finally, this product also features a hook that can be used for storage whenever it is not in use.

6. Angelbliss Baby Potty Training Seat

This option offers much more than just premium aesthetics. For this product, Angelbliss uses high quality PU+PP environmental protection material that makes it as soft and comfortable as a sofa. In addition, the high-back rest is specially designed to fit your baby’s back and protect his/her spine from damage.

Furthermore, there is an adjustable snap and anti-slip rim that secures the potty seat in place on the toilet bowl. For additional security, the Angelbliss Baby Potty features solid handles that your baby can hold on to during potty sessions.

Ultimately, it provides premium comfort and guaranteed safety.

7. Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

Everyone knows (and agrees) that baby products should actually look good.

With the Jool Baby Potty Training Seat, you’d get good looks and many more benefits. Firstly, the seat has a contoured shape that makes it really comfortable for your baby. Secondly, it is quite easy to store.

How do we know this?

Simple! The Jool Baby Potty Training Seat has an adhesive hook, so you can easily hang in on the bathroom wall whenever it is not in use.

Finally, this potty training seat features a non-slip seat grip that keeps it firmly in place on the main toilet bowl.

8. Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol Toilet Training Seat

Is your child absolutely fascinated by cartoon characters?

No worries! With the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol toilet training seat, your child’s greatest imaginations can come to life while potty training.

This product offers a soft and comfortable potty seat with your child’s favourite paw patrol pups for company. Furthermore, it features two grip handles that provide extra stability for your little one.

Another advantage of the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol potty training seat is the replaceable cushion which allows for easy cleaning.

9. Cozy Greens Potty Seat

This brand has been a reasonable option for many parents for a long time.

The Cozy Greens Potty Seat has attained this status of reliability because it features a very comfortable seat material and an anti-slip ring to stop the seat from shifting during potty sessions.

For extra protection, the Cozy Greens Potty seat comes with a splash-guard that saves your bathroom walls and floors from messy splashes during potty sessions.

In addition, it is lower than most potty seats so your child can get on or off without stress. Whenever it is not in use, you can hang it on your bathroom walls with the in-built hanging ring.

Finally, the brand (Cozy Greens) donates a portion of every purchase to charity. Therefore, you’re not just getting a potty training seat, you’re also making the world a better place for other children.

10. First Years Disney Soft Potty Seat

Just like its name, this product features a soft and comfortable cushion seat with plastic handles on the side for support. With the First Years Disney Soft Potty Seat, your child gets to have his/her favorite Disney characters for company during potty sessions.

For parents, this potty training seat is a logical option because the cushion can easily be removed for further cleaning.

A Final Note from Edie & Amy

In parenthood, the wide array of options, products and opinions can make decision processes really tough. However, you’ve got us in your corner and we’re here to help you always. With the list and tips above, we’re certain you’d make the right choice for your child.