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Finding the right cereal for your baby can be a real hassle. Nutritionists recommend additive-free meals prepared from scratch at home for children such as a multigrain pap or tom brown. However, the demands of modern life and time constraints find some mums resorting to the convenience of packaged cereals.

Although most mums enjoy shopping, only a few enjoy the selection process. As a result of the wide range of options, it’s often difficult to choose between similar products.

This includes baby cereal.

In addition, you may spend loads of time going through the labels. Checking to see the ingredients searching for the best fit. This is a good practice. Nevertheless, mothers go through this ordeal joyfully in a bid to serve their babies the best meals available.

If you’re in these shoes, this article is just for you.

Here, we’ve compiled a reliable list of the top baby cereals for your little one. Secondly, this article is guaranteed to reduce the time you spend searching for cereals by 50%.

Top Baby Cereals In Nigeria

1. Friso Gold Rice-Based and Wheat-Based Milk Cereals

These cereals contain skimmed milk, rice flour, vegetable oil, sucrose, lactose, Vitamin A, B1, C, E, D3 and folic acid.

The milk powder gives your baby that rich and familiar taste and milky aroma. These cereals have a smooth texture that makes it easy to swallow.

baby cereal

Finally, the cost of the Frisco Baby Cereal ranges between N1900 and N2500 for a 300g pack and up to N21,000 for a 12 pack carton. It would interest you to note that this cereal is available in all baby stores around you and even in some online outlets.

2. Nestle Nutrend Infant Cereal, Maize and Soya

This is a maize-based infant cereal with milk powder and soya. The cereal contains essential nutrients for your baby’s growth and development. In the same vein, it is easily digestible, and it strengthens your baby’s immunity.

It also contains iron, zinc Vitamin A and C.

3. Nan Baby Food

Nan Baby Food provides your baby with a balanced and high-quality nutrition. It contains skimmed milk, vegetable oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and fish oil. It is also a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals.

In terms of cost, the Nan Baby Cereal is slightly higher compared to the other baby cereals on our list. A 400g pack of Nan Cereal ranges between N2800 and N3500 while a pack of 12 can be as high as N34,000.

Thankfully, the high cost comes at an advantage, this cereal can be prepared and ready to eat in less than five minutes.

4. Nestle Cerelac

This product contains a range of nutritious and easily digested instant cereals. It comes in several variants- wheat and milk, maize and milk, 3 cereal mix, mixed fruits and so on. Cerelac is safe for infants from 6 months and above.

A standard 400g pack of Nestle Cerelac supplies your baby with calcium, zinc, sugar, potassium and essential vitamins. Although it doesn’t contain gluten, you should watch out for any sign of milk/lactose intolerance.

Regarding price, a 400g pack of Nestle Cerelac costs about N1600.

Although you should note that this is not a substitute for breast milk, it can come in handy as a reliable source of baby nourishment.

5. Nestle Nestum Infant Cereals

This meal is fortified with vitamins, calcium, folic acid and zinc. Furthermore, it contains wheat, corn and rice which are all necessary for your baby’s nutrition and healthy development.

A 400g pack costs an average of N3500 in most shops around you.

6. Nabisco Cream of Rice

This is good for infants because it is gluten-free. It contains no preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. It provides iron and is free of fat, dairy, cholesterol, and sodium. In addition, this cereal contains no sugar or salt.

7. Gerber Baby Cereals

This group of cereals contains iron, probiotics, and essential nutrients such as Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, zinc and calcium which help to support your baby’s growth and development. The manufacturers state that they do not contain artificial flavours, preservatives or salt.

Also, the Gerber Baby Cereal costs about N2500 in most of the stores around you.

8. Happy Baby Oatmeal

This meal consists of organic oats, organic whole grains, vitamin C and iron which support your baby’s brain development.

Secondly, it is gluten-free so you don’t have to worry about any strange reactions or gluten allergies.

9. Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Meal

This cereal contains whole grain oatmeal which supplies your baby with iron and other nutrients. In addition, the organic ingredients are not exposed to potentially harmful pesticides. Thirdly, the manufacturers state that it contains no gluten, salt or refined sugar. Similarly, they state that this cereal contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Finally, it is easily digestible and fortified with iron.

The price 277g pack of this cereal ranges between N2700 and N3000 in most locations around the country.

10. My Boy Baby Cereal

A 400g of this cereal costs between N2500 and N3000.

This meal is easy to prepare (takes less than 7 minutes) and it has a sweet aroma that is sure to stimulate your baby’s appetite.


Packaged cereals are convenient to use at home and while travelling. Furthermore, they are easy to prepare. You only need to add clean warm water and stir to dissolve the powder following the instructions on the pack.

Select any of these cereals based on your preference and budget.


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