Why Do My Baby’s Lips Quiver? All You Need To Know

There are a lot of new things you’ll discover as your baby develops. Even if this is not your first time being a mom, you will notice some things peculiar to each child. While some symptoms may not be a cause for worry, some are. A prime example of things to notice is why your baby’s lips quiver.

These symptoms may or may not be a result of the care your baby receives. Babies that receive the best care may still develop these symptoms. As we mentioned earlier, one of the possible symptoms you may notice in your baby is lip quivering.

This article provides you with all that you need to know about why your baby’s lips quiver. You will find out what it means, why your baby’s lips quiver, the care you can provide if it happens, and a lot more.

What does it mean for your baby’s lips to quiver?

When a baby’s lips shake uncontrollably, it is called “baby lip quivering.” It can occur for different reasons, including temperature, hunger, or fatigue. Lip quivering is also called muscle tics. It causes the lips to keep shaking or twitching. However, baby lip quivering should stop when the baby is about six months old.

Why Do My Baby's Lips Quiver

A baby usually has an underdeveloped nervous system. Until their nervous system is fully developed, some might have issues controlling their muscles. One of the affected muscles is the lip, which is why you may see their lips shake or quiver. This quivering may last for a few seconds at first, but some babies continue with this until adulthood.

When does your baby’s lip quiver?

It is very important to note when your baby’s lips quiver. This will help to identify the cause and the possible treatment that should be given to them.

Why do your baby’s lips quiver?

Baby’s lips quiver for different reasons. You need to be very sensitive and pay keen attention to your baby to know why their lips quiver. Some of the possible reasons include:

1. Immature nervous system

An immature or underdeveloped nervous system is one of the many reasons your baby’s lips may quiver. Babies with immature nervous systems may not only have their lips quiver, but other body parts may also shake too. This is because your baby is learning to use and move their body. Also, the signals sent from the brain may be erratic, and this can cause the lips to quiver.

Why Do My Baby's Lips Quiver

There’s no cause for alarm since this shaking will stop when the nervous system develops, and that does not take time. The immature nervous system should not cause your baby to quiver for a long time.

2. Use of muscles

Your baby’s lips may quiver because they are learning to use their muscles. This happens mostly when they are urinating and when they have wind. If you notice your baby’s lips quivering, do well to check their diapers. If it is due to urination, you will discover that their diapers are wet and warm. You can also try and wind them to know if they have wind or not.

3. Hunger

Hunger is a prominent reason your baby’s lips may quiver. When their stomach is empty, some babies’ lips may start quivering. This quivering is very easy to solve. Just give your baby food to eat and the quivering will stop in no time.

4. Cold

A drop in temperature can cause your baby’s lips to quiver. Your baby’s body is quite sensitive to temperature changes. This is largely due to the fact that the temperature they lived at while in the womb is different from the atmospheric temperature. Therefore, they feel any changes even when you don’t. You are already used to this temperature, but they are not. You can ease this quivering by providing additional clothing to keep them warm.

Why Do My Baby's Lips Quiver

5. Feelings of excitement or happiness

Your baby’s lips may quiver when they are happy or excited about something. This quivering usually occurs on the side that is having this feeling.

6. Fear

When your baby is scared or feels threatened, their lips may quiver. This may be followed by other symptoms of panic, such as perspiration, sweating, or rapid heartbeat.

7. Fatigue

Babies may quiver when they are tired. If this is the case, getting them in bed and helping them rest would do the trick.

8. Nutritional deficiency

Some nutritional deficiencies, like hypocalcemia (low blood calcium levels), may also cause your baby’s lips to quiver. Your doctor may write some prescriptions for you for this and may also do some other tests to identify the cause of the deficiency.

9. Birth defects

This is a very rare but possible cause of lip quivering in babies. It is usually accompanied by tremors in other parts of the body and some other symptoms depending on the birth defect. Further testing to aid diagnosis may be required in this case.

When should your baby’s lips stop quivering?

Lip quivering will not last forever. It should stop by the time your baby’s body is developed. Usually, at six months of age, your baby’s lips should stop quivering.

Why Do My Baby's Lips Quiver

What to do when your baby’s lips quiver

What to do when your baby’s lips are quivering depends on the reason your baby’s lips are quivering. Try to find the cause using the list above. Then you can provide some relief for your baby.

You may need to see a doctor if this quivering persists for minutes and does not stop even when you’ve provided relief for your baby. You should also see a doctor if the shaking is accompanied by some other symptoms too.


Lip quivering in babies is usually not a cause for concern. It will go in due time. While you wait for this to stop, provide your child with the proper care and be sensitive to their needs.

Remember, we are always here to lend a helping hand.