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Gift Boxes

Looking for something for yourself or a mum who just had a baby? Our gift boxes contain solutions to common physical challenges faced by mums after childbirth. Each box is loving put together by a mum who’s been there for new mothers.

Subscription Boxes

Do you love surprises? Do you want to try out exclusive sample sizes of great brands for mum and baby without breaking the bank?
Try a weaver box today

Breast Feeding Support Box

A collection designed to give mums a great start on their journey to acing their breastfeeding goals. If you are going back to a 9-5 job or building a milk stash for storage this box is also perfect for you!

Add Ons

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About Us

We are The Edie and Amy Company and we are passionate about supporting you Mama! You have all the right instincts to be a great mother. Let’s take care of you so that you can better take care of your little one.

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