10 Positive Birth Affirmations For Every Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy and child birth is a tough process on its own. It is tasking both physically and emotionally, whether you go through labor naturally or through a C-section. Despite these difficult challenges, you don’t have to make your experiences a negative one. You can stay positive mentally, physically and emotionally by feeding your mind with the right words. Make positive declarations to yourself daily and draw strength for your mental and emotional health.

What’s A Positive Affirmation?

A positive affirmation is a statement or saying that helps to change your mindset and to also maintain a positive attitude regarding your birth process. These statements are usually short in length and easy to remember.

Declaring these statements provides a sense of confidence and keeps you strong all the way.

You may not stop at the point of saying these affirmations to yourself alone, you can paste it on strategic walls that you visit more often in your home such that they constantly remind you and help you breathe the air of freshness.

Why Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations as the name implies helps you to stay positive. You won’t get discouraged by the whole story and experience of how tedious and difficult pregnancy and labor can be. Rather, you’ll stay strong and optimistic. Positive birth affirmations also help to alleviate fears related to pregnancy and labor.

Furthermore, they increase your sense of confidence and make you stay calm.

How To Use Positive Birth Affirmations:

Saying these affirmations are not as important as believing what you’re saying. So, it’s not just a thing you do with your mouth, your heart must also be involved. One way to use these birth affirmations is to write them down. Having a visual reminder of these words helps to keep them at heart. You don’t get to forget what you see often.

You can even keep a journal of these statements. These helps to keep them handy and mobile as you can go out with them and even take to the hospital with you. If you are a faith centered person, you can say these affirmations as prayers.

But remember that the most important point is not how you say it but the approach and attitude with which you say it. Say it until you believe it

10 Strong Positive Birth Affirmations

Just because we care, here are 10 powerful, empowering, persuasive and meaningful birth affirmations that can help you change your mindset and keep you strong even subconsciously.

1. I Am Confident, Safe & Secure
This reminds you of the fact that you can pull through no matter what happens. Also, you are safe and secured because you are in good hands and receiving the best care.

2. I Am Strong & Capable
Yes, you’re stronger than whatever you may be passing through right now! Don’t give up! You are strong and able.

3. I Am Surrounded By Love and Support
You’re not alone in this. Your family, friends and loved ones’ care so much about you and are willing to support you through the whole process. You need to stay strong to keep their hopes alive.

4. Every Passing Minute Brings Me Closer To My Baby.
As each seconds, minutes and hours fly, you are only coming closer to holding your bundle of joy in your hands. So you need to remind yourself as the day goes and it seems the whole process is getting difficult that you’re just steps closer.

5. My Body Knows What To Do
A constant reminder that your body has been built in such a way as to know what to do with each changes will keep you going and relieve some of your fears. But should you notice and change you don’t understand, speak with your gynecologist immediately. You should also remember that as a woman, your body was designed to go through pregnancy and labor. So, you can do it! Your body can do it!


6. I Am Ready For Whatever Turn My Birthing Takes.
Some women prefer a natural delivery while some prefer a C-section. But keeping your mind ready for either of these processes will enable you to remain strong in the face of changing circumstances.

7. I Relax & My Baby Relaxes Also.
Yes, you’re not tensed and your baby is not tensed also. Your baby trusts you to birth him or her safely so you need not to worry.

8. In & Out; I Feel good & I’m Beautiful.
You’re such a beautiful woman, that’s why your baby can stay inside you. Yeah! So be confident in yourself that you can do it.

9. I Trust Myself & My Abilities.
Yes, be confident and proud that your pregnancy and labor will be a good and wonderful experience.

10. I’m Happy My Baby Is Coming Soon.
You will soon hold your bundle of joy in your hand so keep looking ahead at that great day coming and stay positive.


No matter what happens, remember that you can pull through the whole process and you’ll be a great mother!
Remind yourself of these daily, and stay positive.