About Edie & Amy

One beautiful day Amy, found out she was expecting a little one. She was so excited to be a first-time mum and went about attending pre-natal classes and getting all she needed ready for the new arrival. Though tedious, it was an exciting task. Amy combed all the stores online and on-ground searching for the right products to support her along her pregnancy journey and after her baby arrived. She found some of them weren’t readily available where she lived. She discovered some really great brands; and also got awesome gifts from experienced mums before her.

After 9 months of waiting, baby Edie arrived! All the lovely treats she had amassed helped her with breastfeeding and coping with the bitter sweet discomforts from labour, delivery and being a new mum. Amy resolved to support other mummies and expectant mums by putting together affordable boxes that could come as one off gifts and subscription boxes that contain all these lovely products to suit every new mother’s needs.

Edie & Amy, founded by dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit is a maternal focussed Digital Media & Product company based out of Lagos, Nigeria. Edie & Amy provides information on Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and early childhood development for African parents and expecting parents with a strong focus on maternal well being.

We are the Edie and Amy Company and we are passionate about supporting you Mama! You have all the right instincts to be a great mother. Let’s take care of you so that you can better take care of your little one.

In addition to publishing detailed, medically reviewed information about pregnancy and parenting, Edie & Amy offers products from established brands (e.g. Lansinoh) and executes public health initiatives in partnership with nonprofits, NGOs, and government agencies to provide support and mother care products to the African community.