10 Ways To Burp Your Baby After A Meal

Have you ever tried to sit your baby on your laps and gently pat his/her back? No doubt, it would provide a pleasant and calming relief for your precious one, especially if it’s right after a meal.

How do I tell if my breastmilk is enough?

While feeding, your baby is likely to swallow some air which would make him/her quite uncomfortable or even full before he/she is done eating.

This is why it is important to burp your baby after each meal.

In this article, you’d find easy and reliable ways to burp your baby after a meal. In addition, we’ve compiled a few tips on burping just for you.

Why Should I Burp My Baby?

Burping your baby is necessary especially after a meal.

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This helps to relieve your baby and expel the air trapped in his/her tummy while feeding. If you don’t burp your baby, the swallowed air can make your baby fussy or cranky. Burping your baby also helps him or her feed longer.

When Should I Burp My Baby?

If your baby does not need to be burped, you don’t have to.

In addition, your baby doesn’t need to be burped if he or she falls asleep during or after feeding. On the other hand, if your baby falls asleep during feeding at night and then wakes up intermittently because he or she has swallowed some air, please burp him/her.

You should also burp your baby if he/she seems uneasy during feeding or pulls away and starts crying.

Another good opportunity to burp your baby is when you switch from one breast to another during breastfeeding.

10 Ways To Burp Your Baby After Feeding

1. Over The Shoulder Burp

Carry your baby such that her chin is resting on your shoulder then support his/her bottom with your hand. Use your other hand to gently rub and pat her back.

2. Sitting On The Lap Burp

Sit your baby on your lap and let her face away from you. Use one arm to support your baby’s body and the palm of that same hand to support his/her chest with your fingers supporting her chin and jaw gently but don’t put your fingers on his/her throat.

Then lean your baby forward and gently rub or pat her back with your other hand.

3. Face Down Across Your Lap

Place your baby with his/her stomach down across your lap. Use one hand to securely hold the baby and use the other hand to pat or rub her back gently.

4. Over The Arm Burp

Place your baby over your arm and gently pat his/her back as you walk across the room.

5. Knee to Chest Burp

Bend your baby’s knees toward their chest and pat his/her back gently.

6. Dance Out The Burp

Sit your baby on your knee and hold him/her between your two hands securely. Move the upper part of the baby’s body gently to the left, right, and back in a rhythmic repetitive way.

You can even bounce your knee as you do this.

7. Bouncing Out The Burp

This method works best with an exercise ball.

Hold your baby close to your chest, with one hand on his/her back and the other supporting the baby’s neck and head. Then sit securely on your exercise ball and gently bounce up and down.

8. Bicycle Burp

Gently cycle your baby’s legs towards his/her chest as if you’re pedaling a bicycle while they lie on their back.

9. Grandmother’s Burp

Sit your baby on your lap with the palm of one hand pressed into their stomach and your fingers on either side of the chin to support the baby’s head. Then run your thumb and fingers up and down the baby’s spine

10. Over The Hand Burp

Sit the baby on your lap and place the palm of your hand on his/her stomach with the chin resting on top of your hand. Lean the baby forward and pat their back.

Burping Tips

  1. Keep a bib or burp cloth between your clothes and the baby’s mouth to protect your clothes.
  2. Keep a cloth or bib handy in case your baby spits up.
  3. Most babies require only a gentle pat or rub but some others may need a slightly firmer hand.
  4. The stomach is located on the left side of the body so you should focus your hand on the left side of your baby’s back.
  5. Burp your baby right away if he or she becomes uncomfortable during feeding.