Getting The Best Out of Your Breastfeeding Journey: The Bras You Need.

Getting The Best Out of Your Breastfeeding Journey: The Bras You Need.

A good nursing bra...

Pregnant mums will often tell you how tight the band of their regular bras get as pregnancy progresses and their chest expands.

Demo of the Biamo designs nursing bra and pumping bra accessory

It’s like being in bondage, to be honest. Add heartburn to the mix and these make you feel like going without a bra. If you will have to wear a nursing bra 24 hours a day for 6months just to make breastfeeding your infant seamless and hold nursing pads in place you are better off with a comfortable one. A nursing bra should be soft yet supportive making you forget you are wearing a bra at all.

How to get your correct bra measurements

  • First, wear your most supportive regular bra
  • Using the side calibrated in inches and ensuring it is parallel to the floor, take a tape measure and measure the diameter around the area just under the fold of your bust.
  • Whatever figure you get, round off to about the nearest even number. This is your band size. So, if you get 33” use 34”; if you get 29”, use size 32” and so on
  • While still wearing the bra, using the same tape measure, get the diameter of your chest at the fullest part of your bust.
  • Find the difference between this measurement and your band size ie. if you got a measurement of 36 and your band size is 34 , the difference (36-34) is 2. This is a B cup so your measurement would be 34B
Measure Your Band and Cup Size
To Get a Good Bra Fit

You’ll want to look for a bra with no underwires, a smooth silhouette, extra rows of hooks and eyes at the back to accommodate changes in your chest size during pregnancy and breast feeding.

A good pumping bra……..

If you intend to build a stash of milk for storage you don’t have to hold on to your breast pump against your chest throughout your pumping session. You are bound to get tired and shift your hands loosing some of that suction pressure. Get a pumping bra that’s soft, but firm and stretchy enough for you to hold your breast shields firmly in place.

With The Biamo Designs Pumping Bra Accessory You Don’t Have to Hold Your Pump in Place As You Express Breastmilk
This is what the reverse side of the Biamo pumping accessory looks like

Some bras have a figure of 8 opening instead of a slit. This means you can feed your baby through there and need not go through the ceremony of taking off your pumping bra if your little one wakes up and needs to be breastfed while you pump from the other breast.

Biamo designs nursing and pumping bras can be purchased from our online store.

If you are on a budget, you could convert an old sports bra to a pumping bra. Check out a demonstration we did on how to make one.

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If you are on a budget , making a handsfree bra is easy