Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit: Founder, The Edie and Amy Company

While receiving antenatal care as a new mother, Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit realized that neither her professional training nor the way information and tools were passed across was enough to prepare her for the challenges she faced. This prompted her to personally research for the right information and products to support her along her pregnancy journey and after her baby arrived. 

She resolved to provide this same much-needed support for other mothers, and this was how Edie and Amy was born. Edie and Amy is a maternal-focused online media and product organization that provides information on getting pregnant, early signs of pregnancy, what to expect during pregnancy, childbirth, and early childhood development for parents and expecting mothers, with a strong focus on the mother’s well-being.

This is her inspiring story.

Dr Ijeoma Idaresit

Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit

On Friday, the 6th of January, 1984, Ijeoma Obiageli Kesandu was born to Architect Martin and Chief Mrs. Nnenna Ejekam. Not only was she the first child of the family, but she was also the first grandchild of the famous Professor O.K.Ogan, who was the first Nigerian Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and interestingly, whose birthday was also on the 6th of January.

Early life

She grew up in the city of Lagos in Nigeria – an intelligent, respectful, and sometimes shy child. Ijeoma excelled academically throughout primary and secondary school and was a constant recipient of academic prizes at both levels. Inspired by her grandfather, Ijeoma always wanted to become a doctor. 

Sure enough, she followed her dreams and studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Nigeria, graduating in 2008. Furthermore, in 2015 she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health with a specialization in Health Services Management from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


1. Lagos University Teaching Hospital – 12-month internship with 3-month rotations in Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Radio-Oncology, and Paediatrics

2. Omni Medical Center and Advanced Fertility Clinic – Medical officer handling clinical management of inpatients and outpatients. Assisted with obstetric and gynecological procedures, therapeutic and diagnostic assisted reproductive procedures such as hysteroscopy.

3. Mecure Healthcare Limited – Physician providing general preventive health education, routine medical checks, and health risk assessments, and breast and cervical cancer screening. 

4. Postpartum Support Network Africa – She participated in the provision of maternal mental health interventions for individuals and in public healthcare facilities. One year after joining, she became a board member, took up the role of Conference Director, responsible for coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of all activities, and organizing the annual conferences. 

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, she coordinated the team’s response to ensure their beneficiaries continued to receive care. She supported at least 46 women in 6 different online groups called the ‘Warrior Mom Villages’.

Dr Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit Graduation

Edie and Amy Company

She founded The Edie and Amy Company, a maternal-focused online media and product company to provide information on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum and newborn care through a website and its interactive social media platforms. The company also provided access to quality maternity care products and self-care solutions for Nigerian mothers. Dr. Ijeoma made herself available to give free personalized advice and support to numerous women through messages and phone calls – providing medical advice, friendly counsel, encouragement, links to other maternity care services, and sometimes just a listening ear. Currently, Edie and Amy reaches over 12,000 women monthly, helping them overcome hurdles in breastfeeding and postpartum care. 

Dr Ijeoma


Iwe league – Worked as the local program’s liaison, facilitating the provision of mentorship and scholarships, and designing educational programs for primary school students in Lagos state. 

Dr Ijeoma Idaresit Edie and Amy


Dr. Ijeoma was married to Abasiama Idaresit, with whom she had two children, Edidiong and Risachi.

The Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit Fund

The Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit scholarship fund was set up in her honor to provide financial support for West African students studying for a Masters in Public Health in her alma mater, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The fund supports students to undertake research or travel in aid of completing their final research projects. Not only will the scholarship serve as a way of remembering Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit, but through this, the impact of her work will be amplified in the various projects carried out by the recipients. This has the potential of meeting health needs in Nigeria and Africa.

Dr Ijeoma Scholarship Grant

In her own words…

11-12-2020 2:44pm

My name is Ijeoma Idaresit 

My name is Ijeoma, the founder of The Edie and Amy Company. My company has supported over 300 mums through hurdles in breastfeeding and life after childbirth with self care kits and health education. 

I’m a director on the board of The Postpartum Support Network which focusses on maternal mental health. I’m directly responsible for monitoring and evaluation of our projects as well as organising our annual maternal mental health conference, a platform which brings stakeholders in the maternal mental healthcare space together. I am a 2019 merit award recipient for my contributions to the organisation. Since 2015, we have educated 16,577 and screened 8,156 mothers in 50 government hospitals across 3 states (Lagos, Ogun and Abuja) trained 612 and provided free treatment for 594 mothers suffering from postpartum depression and other mood disorders. This year during the pandemic, I became the coordinator of PSN’s virtual support group for mums, The Warrior Mum Village.

I’m in charge of the Lagos operations of the Iwe League, 2018 Award recipient from Lagos State Basic Education Board. We seek out , sponsor and mentor brilliant but otherwise indigent students from primary schools in Kosofe LGA (Lagos State) through secondary school.

I love books. I spend my Thursday afternoons reviewing African Literature with the ladies of the ABG. I enjoy the Lagos arts scene, travel, crossword puzzles and food.

I studied Medicine at the University of Nigeria and have an MSc in Health Services Management from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

I’m married with a 3 year old, a 5month old and a 18 month old Shitzu 😂

I’m @edie.amy.co on Instagram and Dr Ijeoma Idaresit on LinkedIn


Kind, hardworking, supportive, selfless, caring, a loving mother and wife, and a firm believer that if anything was worth doing, it was worth doing excellently; these are the things that best describe her.

Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit was dedicated to supporting mothers by empowering them to become more capable and confident at handling the unique experience of motherhood while ensuring that they have the best physical and mental care possible. 

 The Edie and Amy company is dedicated to continuing the legacy, vision, and passion of Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit and her children Edidiong and Risachi.