Getting the ideal safe bath water temperature for baby

Your baby’s bath times are really exciting – not only is bath time a lot of fun, but it also helps your baby’s emotional and cognitive development. However, it may not always feel this way. Sometimes, getting the right bath water temperature for your little one may be a real hassle. If you’re a first-time parent, or you just can’t get the right temperature, this article is just for you.

In this article, you’d find all you need to know about your baby’s bath water temperature; how to get it right, and why it is important. In addition, you’d also find some reliable tips on how to provide the best bath experience for your newborn.

Bath water temperature

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most pleasurable moments for your baby is his/her bath time.

Baby bath water temprature

In addition to all the fun he/she would experience in this period, a good bath would help you clean your child while spending quality time with him or her.

However, it is also important to note that every bath needs to be as safe as possible for your little one. A crucial step to achieving this is to provide an optimal bathwater temperature for your baby.

What Makes a Bath Unsafe?

Your baby’s skin is way thinner than yours.

This makes it really sensitive to extreme temperatures. As a result, hot water can easily scald your baby’s skin. For your baby, a temperature of about 37°C-38°C is safe enough. Any water hotter or colder than this may be harmful to your baby.

Without proper care, hot water can cause blisters to grow on your baby’s skin.

To avoid this, keep reading!

How To Acheive Optimal Bathwater Temperature

1. Get A Temperature Control System

If you use a hot water system, make sure it has a working temperature control device. With this, you can regulate the temperature of the water to a set point close to the safe temperature (37°C -38°C ).

2. Use Cold Water First

When you are preparing the bathwater, start with the cold water. Then add hot water until you get the right temperature. You can also do the same thing when you’re using a tap. However, turn off the hot water first so that the cold water can run through and cool it down.


3. Use A Thermometer

You can also use a thermometer to check the temperature of your baby’s bathwater.

In fact, there are some toy-themed thermometers made for this purpose. Once you get your desired temperature, all you need to do is turn off the tap and let your baby have all the fun in the world.

4. Feel The Temperature

If you can’t get a thermometer to determine the temperature, use your hand to feel the bathwater. If the water turns your hand red, imagine what it’d do to your baby’s skin. You can also use your hands to test the temperature of your baby’s bathwater.

baby water temprature

5. Use Child-Resistant Taps

These can be in form of anti-scald devices on taps. They help to keep the taps out of reach of your baby.

Extra Tips For Baby Bath time

  • Place all the bath items close.
  • Keep the room warm.
  • Ensure you have a firm hold on your baby during the bath to prevent him from slipping.
  • Give your baby undiluted attention during bath time.
  • Never leave your baby alone at any time.
  • Make bath fun for your baby, give him toys to play with during bath.
  • Keep your baby warm after bath, dry him with a clean towel.


By giving your baby a safe bath, you have already set a good stage for bonding with your baby. In addition, proper baths would protect your baby from various skin infections and leave his/her skin set for a healthy life. After a good bath, you can apply coconut oil or other baby skin products to get the best results.

Enjoy the moment with your baby and have a good mother-baby time!

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