Second Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is new ground for most women and can even be scary without the right information at your fingertips to guide you through. So, breaking down the period of pregnancy into nine months, we would go through all the changes we can expect to see in you and the baby. We would also see the best care tips for you and the baby.

Size of pregnancy of two monthsbaby
At this point, the baby is as big as one of these seeds.

What’s going with the baby?

By now, the baby’s neural tube is fully formed. Your baby’s face is also slowly being formed. The baby’s fingers and toes would have slowly started forming. By the end of the 2nd month, your baby would be called a foetus by the doctors and would be the same size as an agbalumo seed. So, sadly, there is still no baby bump to show off.

What should I expect to see physically?

In the second month of pregnancy, you might have nausea (or feeling like you want to vomit), popularly known as early morning sickness. Be warned though, this nausea can be all day round. While it is commoner in the first trimester of pregnancy, if it persists, you can use vitamin B6 tablets and ration your meals into small quantities. You might also have a heightened sense of smell, which would trigger nausea and the early morning sickness. You might be feeling constipated. This is also normal as your body starts to adjust to the demands of pregnancy.

As your hormonal levels fluctuate, you might also have some mood swings and breakouts of pimples. These are perfectly normal, but please consult with your doctor before using any drugs. You might be easily fatigued as your body uses up energy in preparing for the baby’s growth. Please talk to your doctor to get a diet that is optimum for you and the baby.
You might also feel like urinating more often. This is as a result of the HCG hormone directing more blood flow to the uterus to aid the baby’s growth. As the uterus grows in size, it would increasingly put pressure on the bladder and cause more urination. You might also have some pain or tenderness in your breasts. This is as a result of your body preparing for the breastfeeding phase by causing the growth of the milk ducts.

How do I take care of myself during the second month of pregnancy?

You should be preparing for your first antenatal visit to the doctor. If the early morning sickness persists, please book a visit to the physician for the next line of action.