Breast Milk Storage Bags: Things To Know

As a new mom or a soon-to-be mom, you’re most likely preparing the necessary accessories that your baby will need when he or she finally arrives. It is strongly recommended that you breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months of life. If you are planning to breastfeed, you’ve probably considered pumping some milk for your baby, especially if you will have to resume work soon. Apart from the breast pump, you would need to express milk for your baby, and you would also need breast milk storage bags.

In this article, you will find out what breast milk storage bags are, what to look for in a good storage bag, if you can reuse breast milk storage bags, and the five best breast milk storage bags to choose from.

What are breast milk storage bags?

Breast milk storage bags are bags used to store breast milk for later use, which can be kept in a refrigerator. They are much thicker compared to food storage bags and are FDA-approved for the use of storing and protecting breast milk during transportation and freezing.

These bags also come with graduations in ounces or milliliters on the side. This helps to measure the volume of milk you are storing and feeding your baby.

breast milk storage bags

What to look for in a good storage bag

In as much as you really need a breast milk storage bag, you should not be in a hurry to buy one. You should carefully select a bag and here are some things to consider when choosing a breast milk storage bag:

1. Ensure that the bag is sealed: An unbroken seal around the bag’s mouth ensures that it is clean and uncontaminated. Make sure you are breaking the seal by yourself.

2. Quality: Make sure that the storage bag you’re going for is made of food-grade plastic. This way you are assured that the storage bag is made specifically to store breast milk.

3. Storage Pattern: Good breast milk storage bags will freeze flat and not take up so much space in your refrigerator.

4. Consider bags that let you pump directly into them instead of bottles: This helps you save time and also skips the process of transferring the milk from a bottle into a bag. This also means that you won’t have extra bottles to clean.

5. Durability: Ensure that you choose storage bags that are puncture-proof and leak-proof and that can also withstand being packed tightly in a refrigerator. It ensures that the bag does not get a hole in it and the content does not spill out.

6. Size: Breast milk storage bags come in different sizes. The size you should get for your baby depends on how well your baby feeds. The more your baby eats, the larger the bag you should get.

Are breast milk storage bags reusable?

It is highly recommended that breast milk storage bags are used only once. This is because babies are very sensitive to bacteria, and their immune systems are not strong enough to combat infections. Reusing your breast milk storage bag could pose a potential bacterial risk to your baby.

Alternatively sterilizing breast milk storage bags properly in hot water can make these bags reusable. You have to ensure that the bags are thoroughly cleaned and the breast milk is hygienically stored to ensure that your baby’s health and nutrition are well taken care of.

breast milk storage bags

Five best breast milk storage bags

1. Lansinoh breast milk storage bags

This bag saves you from having to clean up your refrigerator due to breast milk spills. It also gives you the advantage of pumping extra milk in case there’s a loss. They have a pourable spout that helps you get the breast milk into bottles without spilling.

Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are designed to lay flat in your refrigerator to save some space for storing multiple bags. These bags are made of good quality and can contain up to 180 milliliters of breast milk.

2. Kiinde twist pouch breast milk storage bags

These bags, as the name implies, have twist and lock designs that allow you to pump directly into them and then use them for milk transfer when you’re finished.

This bag can accommodate up to 150 milliliters of breast milk. Guess what? These bags are recyclable.

3. Medela breast milk storage bags

These bags are made from a double-layered durable material with a double zipper seal that ensures that the contents of the bag do not leak. It can contain as much as 180 milliliters of breast milk.

4. Ameda store N pour breast milk storage bag

This storage bag allows easy pouring out of the breast milk. The only disadvantage of this bag is that it has an irregular shape that makes them more difficult to store. It has a capacity of about 150 milliliters.

5. Nuk seal n go breast milk bag

These bags are guaranteed to be 100 percent leakproof. They also have a top seal that prevents tampering. These bags can stand by themselves and be stacked in the refrigerator to save space. It contains about 180 milliliters of breast milk.


Breast milk storage bags are a good option for you, especially if you are going to be resuming back to work soon. This enables your baby to still have the best supply of breast milk even when you’re not around.

Getting a good breast milk storage bag is very important so that your baby will have the best supply of breast milk at any given time.