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Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is unlike any other life journey, as it comes with questions for most expectant mothers, including concerns about diets and healthy drink options during pregnancy.

Although many facts are available on what to eat while pregnant, info is still sparse on what drinks are safe and healthy for you and your little one.

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Firstly, it’s important to stay hydrated during all trimesters as your fluid demand increases to meet your baby’s needs. Furthermore, drinking lots of fluids during pregnancy helps prevent urinary tracts infection and preterm labor

Consuming healthy drinks adds great nutritional value not only to the mother but the unborn child. However, drinking water all day can be really boring.

Aside water, there are lots of healthy drinks that are safe for consumption when you are pregnant. And we’re here to help you find them!

Here we have ten healthy drinks to consume during pregnancy:

1. Milk

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This looks really obvious and comes in mind while suggesting to a pregnant woman on what to drink. It is always recommended to drink milk due to its calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D content which meets the bone building requirements for a developing baby.

Please note that unpasteurized or raw milk shouldn’t be consumed as it’s during pregnancy because it increases the risk of several diseases like listeriosis.

No matter what type of milk you choose, it is essential to consume the right amount to provide essential nutrients.

2. Fruit Juice

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This is another great pregnancy drink that should be taken while pregnant. We can make fruit juice of different varieties with different fruits or even combination of many fruits.

A classic example is orange juice which supplies you with potassium & lowers your blood pressure.

3. Vegetable Juice

carrot fruit juice

Vegetable Juice? If you aren’t getting enough vegetables in your diet. The best way to include vegetables in your diet is in its juice!

There are numerous vegetable juice recipes to try out, you should try the carrot juice! Carrot juice is a great source of beta- carotene which is a type of vitamin A but it should be pasteurized.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are just the best to deal with all forms of fatigue and nausea. They are easy to whip up, delicious to drink and they make pregnancy a smooth ride.

You know what’s amazing? Smoothies can be made with mixture of fruits, vegetables and even milk blending them together.

5. Soy milk

If you’re lactose intolerant, soy milk is a safer option as it is also high in protein and calcium which aids in better development of the baby. It has the same beneficial effects just like the milk rich in calcium and minerals needed for development of the baby.

6. Coconut water

coconut water drink

Coconut water is naturally refreshing, it has this sweet, nutty taste and contains easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugar and electrolytes. It’s an all-natural way to hydrate.

It’s also a good source of natural electrolytes such as the potassium, sodium and manganese. Americans typically don’t get enough potassium and this could be a benefit.

7. Buttermilk

The vitamins, minerals and probiotics in buttermilk provides some excellent health benefits such as boosting immune system and keeping the eyes healthy. During pregnancy, it’s very important in restoring important body fluids and salts, it also helps in curing constipation common in pregnancy.  Its commonly known as churned curd. It soothes the digestive system and alleviates the common pregnancy discomfort of heartburn

8. Fruit mock tail

fruit mock tail

Since its unadvisable to drink alcohol during pregnancy, you can have a nice fruit mock tail made using different fruit juices. The mock tail should be completely made with infused fruits juice and shouldn’t be mixed with any kind of alcohol.

9. Lemonade

This is more refreshing during summers and its especially recommended during pregnancy as it provides pregnant woman with the natural vitamin C. it helps in relieving nausea and bloating. lemonade with some mint and crushed ginger is just the best shot for dealing with morning sickness.

Other Healthy Drink Options

10. Infused Water

water juice

 Drinking plain water could be boring, you can spice up things by infusing your water with a variety of fruits and herbs to enhance its nutritional value and taste. This is free from unnecessary calories and helps rid the body of toxins. Slices of cucumber, apple, watermelon, wedges of lemon and a few springs of mint can do the magic.

11. Chia Fresca

chia fresca drink in a cup

This is a very healthy alternative to caffeine or any other energy drink. Chia Fresca contains omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and essential proteins for every mom-to-be.

12. Water

pouring water in a cup

Lastly the most common fluid usually taken is water which carries nutrients from the food you eat to the baby. It helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, excessive swelling and urinary tract infections. It not only prevents dehydration but also maintains hormonal balance.

The institute of medicine recommends about 10 cups (2.4 liters) of fluids a day during pregnancy.


Consuming all these healthy drinks while pregnant has great nutritional and medicinal value to your diet. During pregnancy, it is best to avoid alcohol, high caffeine drinks, all forms of Soda and high energy drinks. They affect not just the mother but the baby directly or indirectly.

Baby’s growth is affected during pregnancy by caffeine consumption and it is advised to limit consumption of all kinds of caffeine drinks as possible such as tea, coffee, chocolate and many cola-type drinks.

Also, consumption of fruit juices should be regulated as it contains calories increasing the risk of developing gestational diabetes. Most preferably the infused water is taken to regulate calories intake.

Unpasteurized milk and fruit juice should be avoided as this may contain bacteria that causes listeriosis or toxoplasmosis both of which can cause neurological damage to your developing baby.

Drinking healthy liquids during pregnancy will not only keep you hydrated but also helps you stack up on those much-needed minerals and vitamins.

Healthy drinks should be part of a healthy pregnancy diet for the maximum benefits!


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